High Cholesterol can be very harmful to your health and can increase the risk of heart disease, and the risk of having a heart attack. Although some people may recommend medications to improve your cholesterol, there are actually many life style changes that you can make instead to improve your cholesterol. Check out these 6 lifestyle changes:

1) Start eating foods that are more heart healthy. This means choose food that have healthy fats in them like avocado, lean meats like chicken, fish or turkey, and olive oils.

2) Along with eating more healthy fats, you want to try and eliminate trans fats which are found in foods like fried food, cookies, and many packaged foods. You also want to increase your omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and whey protein. Consume more extra virgin olive oil.

3) Start exercising regularly even if it’s just 15 to 30 minutes a day. You can get exercise in by: taking a walk at lunch, riding your bike to work instead of driving, swimming, or even just playing a sport you enjoy.

4) Quit smoking! If you smoke, quitting may help to improve your HDL cholesterol.

5) Lose weight. If you are carrying an extra amount of weight, even losing 5 to 10 pounds may help to improve your cholesterol levels dramatically.

6) Drink alcohol in moderation. If you currently drink, make sure it is only in moderation, excessive consumption of alcohol has been related to high cholesterol in many instances, but moderate amounts of alcohol have been shown to increase good cholesterol in some instances.