We know how much you care for and admire your loved ones, you’re there for them day in and day out. 💙 Anything they need, at any time, you’re the one they can rely on. You’re a big contributor to their happiness and well-being.

What about you? Have you noticed any changes in your own well-being and happiness? You may be suffering from caregiver burnout if: you’ve been feeling withdrawn from your friends or family, feeling blue or easily irritable, and sleeping patterns have changed.

Be sure to take these steps to be your best self:

1) Take time for yourself. Your health and happiness are just as important as the loved one you look after.

2) Join a support group. There are many others in your community who support and care for loved ones with similar illnesses or disabilities.

3) Seek out help. There are others who would be willing to look after your loved one as if they were their own. Everyone needs a break sometimes.

You can best take care of others if you’re taking care of yourself. Assistance in Home Care can provide respite care to give ​you the time​ you deserve.

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