In-Home Care Solutions

Assistance in Home Care - Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Assistance In Home Care provides a managed care model where our office staff routinely communicates with the family, discharge facilities, and Home Healthcare Providers such as Wound Care Providers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Durable Medical Equipment specialists. Our Client Care Coordinators speak to our caregivers daily to make sure they are prepared and feel comfortable providing care.

Assistance in Home Care - Medication Assistance

Medication Assistance

With constantly changing medication and with numerous prescriptions doctors can prescribe, it can be difficult to ensure medication is taken properly. Our caregivers can not only provide reminders of when to take medication, but also ensure and support the adherence to their medication routines.

Assistance in Home Care - Personal Hygiene Care

Personal Hygiene Care

Establishing a morning routine that consists of bathing, dressing, hair, nail, and oral care allows for minimal effort to starting a day. Our caregivers often assist with toileting and incontinence care. While providing incontinence care, each caregiver is trained to perform a skin assessment.

Assistance in Home Care - Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation

Meal planning and preparation is an important step in establishing a healthy lifestyle conducive for longevity. While grocery shopping and preparing a meal, our caregivers take into consideration any dietary restrictions due to chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Our caregivers oversee nutrition and hydration and also provide the companionship that comes with sharing a meal.

Assistance in Home Care - Quality of Care

Quality of Care

During the initial assessment phase, an individualized Care Plan is created to meet the needs of your loved one. In selecting a caregiver, our Client Care Coordinators match caregivers based on skillset. Our Quality Assurance Coordinators visit the home every 8 weeks, noting any changes to the care plan and assuring that care is being provided as promised.

Assistance in Home Care - Transportation

Transportation Assistance

Whether it is in the client’s car or the caregivers car, our background checks ensure our caregivers have good driving habit. Yearly we verify the driving records through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Caregivers often assist with grocery shopping, picking up medication, driving to doctor appointments, or attending social outings.

Assistance in Home Care - Lifestyle Adaptation

Lifestyle Adaptation

Realities of life are constantly changing, especially when there is a fall or a hospital admission. Our multilingual caregivers meet our clients needs, reinforce gentle therapy and routine exercise, encourage healthy sleep patterns, and always respect religious preferences.

Assistance in Home Care - Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

Upon the initial assessment, a safety evaluation is performed in the home in order to ensure that the potential client is living in safe conditions are made to reduce the risk of falls and potential injury.

Assistance in Home Care - Social Interaction

Social Engagement

Loneliness and isolation are seen to be more of a risk to people lives than smoking and drinking. Our caregivers enjoy bridging the gap and allowing seniors who may be isolated the opportunity to attend a senior center, activities, and lunches with family and friends. Our caregivers bond with our clients through many activities that may include: arts and crafts, music, movies, cards, board games, dominoes, etc.