Assistance in Home Care wants to assure you that your loved ones are cared for in a safe environment where they are comfortable living.

Assistance in Home Care does an in home evaluation to make sure your loved ones are living in a safe environment.

There are many steps we take into account to ensure your loved ones are living in top safety conditions. Here is a home safety checklist:

1) Is there enough lighting? Each room in the house must have proper lighting so your loved one can easily move through the house in the dark.

2) Are there smoke detectors? There needs to be multiple working smoke detectors in the house, and batteries should be changed yearly.

3) Are there handrails along the staircases? Wherever there are steps in the house, there should be sturdy handrails because senior citizens can struggle maintaining their balance.

4) Is there a bathmat and handrail in the shower? The shower should contain a handrail and a bathmat to help prevent slipping in the shower.

5) How are the floors and carpets holding up? Be sure that there are no loose floor boards or rips in the flooring that someone could potentially trip over.

6) Where are the items that need to be reached daily located? All cabinets and medicine cabinets that contain products used daily should be at a proper height that can be easily reached.

7) Is there a fire extinguisher in the house? Be sure that the house contains a fire extinguisher and everyone living in the house knows how to properly operate one.

8) Is there a phone or emergency alert system accessible? Patients should have a cell phone or landline phone, and or an emergency alert system in case of emergencies.

Assistance in Home Care takes all of these steps into account during the in home evaluation to ensure that you loved ones are living in a safe environment.