Grocery store visits may have become more stressful for you since the start of COVID-19. The new healthful procedures in place such as gloves, masks, social distancing, and shorter hours in the day to shop are there for our protection and the protection of those at risk. Even still, for the busy professionals who now balance caring for their children and working from home, having time to go to the grocery store and cook is even more of a feat than before.

We also understand that sometimes it’s just easier to order in or pick up dinner on the way home from work. We’ve all been there choosing between convenience and a home-cooked meal. Whether you just aren’t that skilled in the kitchen or just don’t have the time, meal prep might be your lucky ticket to both a healthier lifestyle and food convenience for busy professionals that are always on the go.

Here’s how meal prep comes in and where Assistance In-Home Care can help save the day. There are multiple benefits of eating more home-cooked meals, but we understand you might not always have the time. We start our services by understanding what ingredients and meals you do and don’t like. We take into consideration any of your dietary needs such as diabetic diets, or adjusting meals for those with high or low blood pressure. We do all the grocery shopping, cooking, and clean up afterwards. Services start at a minimum of three hours, and can extend to fulfill your meal prep needs.

Whether you decide to DIY or look into the meal prep services we provide, we are going to share with you the many benefits of planned meals and meal preparation.

Meal prep allows you to eat your favorite foods, and if you are health conscious, pre-determined portion sizes and healthfully selected ingredients will help maintain healthier eating habits and help you stick to your goals. Along with the health benefits are also financial gains. Having food ready to go will help you save money, as it redirects you from eating out back into eating at home. There is also the opportunity to save coupons and find deals for the grocery store.

We understand wanting the best for yourself and the family. Having the freshest ingredients is everything when it comes to selectively shop for what you need and want.
With proper planning, you can prevent making unnecessary food purchases, saving you money, and reducing food waste.

Here are just a few highlighted benefits of meal prep:

  • Ability to pick out favorite and healthy meals in advance
  • Ability to find sales and coupons in advance
  • Grab-n-go accessibility from your own home
  • Saves time and prevents stress

How to store cooked meals with the best flavors, maximum nutrients, and food safety in mind.

Refrigeration at 40°F or lower
1-2 days: Cooked ground poultry or ground beef
3-4 days: Cooked whole meats, fish and poultry; soups and stews
5 days: Cooked beans; hummus
1 week: Hard boiled eggs; chopped vegetables if stored in air-tight container
2 weeks: Soft cheese, opened
5-6 weeks: Hard cheese, opened

Freezing at 0°F or lower
2-3 months: Soups and stews; cooked beans
3-6 months: Cooked or ground meat and poultry
6-8 months: Berries and chopped fruit (banana, apples, pears, plums, mango) stored in a freezer bag
8-12 months: Vegetables, if blanched first for about 3-5 minutes (depending on the vegetable)

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