Ramona Streit



Assistance In Home Care began with a vision by the owner, Ramona Streit. Twelve years ago her brother was suffering with cancer and he required in home care. Over time, the family realized the services received by Ramona’s brother was less than acceptable. This realization caused Ramona to believe she could provide a service that would preserve the dignity of her clients. Assistance In Home Care is a quality home care provider that is capable of caring for people of all ages who want to remain in the comfort of their homes. We strive to ensure home care services provided are nothing less than what we would want for ourselves or our family members. We are proud to say we have assisted over 1,200 clients that include seniors, children, veterans, developmentally disabled, and many short term recovery clients wanting to remain in the comfort of their homes.

Matthew Streit


Director of Care Transitions

Throughout his childhood, Matthew was constantly exposed to the home care industry through Ramona. As Matthew matured, he was able to work in the office during his high school years doing various administrative tasks. Since moving on from college and software sales, Matthew has been able to join the Assistance In Home Care family once again as a full time employee, focusing mostly on sales and marketing. He has been engaged in the business since its origin in 2006, and Matthew plans to be an important player for years to come. He remembers when his uncle Ronnie was sick with cancer, and this gives Matthew the drive day in and day out to help Assistance IHC continually provide quality managed care.

Bonnie Pevytoe

Bonnie Pevytoe

Office Manager

Bonnie has been with Assistance In Home Care for 4 years. Bonnie was hired as a caregiver, and her experience derives from being certified by the state as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Bonnie was promoted to Client Care Coordinator after 3 years of excellent care to clients. Bonnie has cared for some of our most difficult clients while always treating them with compassion and patience, so she is not only aware of caregiver needs but also client needs as well. She recently received her certification as a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). Bonnie’s organizational skills help her in managing the schedules of over 120 caregivers and 1300 shifts per month.


Office Administrator

Robin came to Assistance In Home Care as a caregiver 2016 with extensive experience in personal care of a loved one who is a paraplegic. Robin’s caregiving career spans over 6 years, at times caring for many difficult clients. Wanting to grow in the Home Care business, Robin was promoted to administrator. She is currently responsible for the company’s caregiver state requirements. Robin is a valuable asset in our organization. She is multi-talented in assisting other office personnel. Robin thoroughly enjoys spending time with her daughter and life.

Susan Mount

Susan Mount


Susan also began her career with Assistance In Home Care as a caregiver. Providing consistent quality care to clients got her noticed, as she had the same clients for several years. When the time was right, Susan was promoted into the office as an office assistant, primarily doing office administration duties, filing, and answering phones. Susan’s talents quickly shined, and it was not long until she was promoted to bookkeeper. Susan handles all accounting functions of the company including any clients.



Client Care Coordinator

Claudia came to work at Assistance in Home Care and was hired because of her Skills, Background Experience and Dedication. Claudia has 29 years of Customer Service Skills dealing with customers over-the-phone and in-person, including having been promoted from a regular customer service representative to a team lead who managed employees in the customer service department by directing, guiding, and coaching them. Claudia also, took care of her terminally ill father making sure he was very well cared for by being there every moment and minute, Claudia stated, “If I had to do it again, I would do it again because he was a great father who was there for me every day of my life!” She, also, has Certificates of Completion in Communication, Social, and Business Skills from Orange Coast College and has been recognized for outstanding volunteer services to the community.

Laura Haugland


Quality Assurance Coordinator

Laura has been an exceptional employee of Assistance In Home Care for 6 years. Originally hired as a Certified Nursing Assistant caregiver, Laura worked as a caregiver for several years before being promoted to Quality Assurance Coordinator. Laura visits clients homes every 8 weeks to ensure quality of care is as promised. She takes time out to locate resources to assist clients with needs such as veterans needing hours in, furniture, or even meals on wheels. Laura is also trained in working with hospice clients, and she is currently a Residential Care Facility Administrator. Laura also assists with recruiting and interviewing caregivers as she thoroughly understands the needs of the clients.

Corina Martinez


Quality Assurance Coordinator

Corina also began as a Certified Nursing Assistant caregiver over 6 years ago. Corina’s ability to anticipate the client’s needs and assist them with care needs didn’t go unnoticed. Corina was promoted to the office 6 months ago to oversee company and state requirements for all caregivers. Corina also performs quality assurance visits weekly to ensure clients are receiving the care as promised. She uses her time to provide feedback to caregivers and clients.