Growing older means living alone can often become difficult and easy tasks seem to get harder and harder. There are often some major signs that tell if you or your loved ones are ready for a caregiver.

Fall Hazards

The first major sign is “fall hazards” usually people have stairs, throw rugs, and clutter that can make walking around the house or doing household tasks such as the laundry difficult and an easy way to fall. Aging life care specialists can evaluate your loved ones and give recommendations for home modification as well as exercise for their balance and strength. Some things to consider are getting ramps, hand rails for stairs, and grab bars for in the shower.

Unfinished Business

Another major sign is unfinished business. If you are visiting your loved ones and see stacks of unopened mail, or unpaid bills, your loved one may no longer cognitively or emotionally have the skills to handle these things. Things that you can do to help your loved one is to offer to help with day to day household things or hire a professional to handle their finances.

Car Accidents and Tickets

If your loved one starts getting in accidents while driving whether they are small or large, it may be time to asses if they should still be driving regularly. It is a good idea to get a medical evaluation and recommendations from their doctor on whether they are mentally and physically healthy enough to continue driving.


Is your loved one beginning to become disconnected from you, their friends or family? Find out whether your loved ones are still interacting with people or if they feel lonely ever. Some things to help with isolation are joining a senior or community center, arts and music events, and regularly gathering with friends for meals.

Change in Appearance

If you have noticed your loved one has gained or lost an extreme amount of weight, are wearing dirty clothes, appear not bathed, or appear to not be sleeping, something may be wrong. Something that you can do is to suggest a medical or psychological evaluation to determine if anything is wrong and what is hindering their ability to take care of themselves. Be sure they are eating a normal amount, and are not consuming too much at alcohol at any time.